Austins lead OGA Four-Ball, Valuck-Reid on top in Seniors

Oklahoma Golf Association
2013 Spring 4-Ball Championship
May 20-21, 2013
Cedar Ridge Country Club
Broken Arrow
Round 1 Results

Austin, John / Austin, Mark–33-33–66
Showalter, Max / Hall, Tyler–34-33–67
Heinen, Alec / Fuller, Austen–34-34–68
Staggs, Colton / Wilkins, Preston–34-34–68
Cochran, Don / Bell, Rick–35-34–69
Lowry, Billy / Lowry, Russell–37-32–69
Stuteville, Jackson / McDonald, Will–35-34–69
Wiederkehr, Cole / Wiederkehr, David–36-33–69
Bogstrand, Vilhelm / Williams, Taylor–36-34–70
Funk, Daniel / Myers, Brett–35-35–70
Munson, Ryan / Verplank, Scott–37-33–70
Coffman, Jeff / Birchell, Brian–36-35–71
Gunkel, Dustin / Galyean, Alfred–36-35–71
Murphy, Will / Litzinger, Andy–34-37–71
Spangler, Jeffrey / Tyrrell, Jeff–33-38–71
Metz, Neil / Gibson, Blake–37-35–72
Buergler, William / Haggard, Chris–38-36–74
Onley, Taylor / Grantham, Tyler–37-37–74
Walker, Joshua / Mabrey, Scott–37-37–74
Kitchen, Shawn / Hughes, Steve–39-36–75
Gotcher, Michael / Burkett, Justin–35-41–76
Karlovich, Chris / Hughes, Alexander–40-36–76

Oklahoma Golf Association
2013 Senior Spring 4-Ball Championship
May 20-21, 2013
Cedar Ridge Country Club
Broken Arrow
Round 1 Results

Valuck, Jon / Reid, James–36-31–67
Kee, Ken / Koenig, Richard–33-35–68
Alsup, Michael / Nelligan, Brad–36-33–69
Mueller, Eric / Hughett, Michael–35-34–69
Roberts, Ronny / Morales, Rick–36-34–70
Wing, David / Gilliam, Lloyd–35-35–70
Hughes, Rex / Lavender, William J–36-35–71
Stansbury, John / Sine, Bob–35-36–71
Walker, John / Fouke, Bob–36-35–71
Baber, Mark / Robinson, Mark–38-34–72
Barker, Shawn / Taylor, Brent–36-36–72
Crews, Randy / Butts, Bill–37-35–72
Koljack, Michael / Roberson, Jim–38-35–73
Reyes, Stan / Meyer, Dan–36-37–73
Martin, Mike / Carlile, Jeff–36-38–74
Nielsen, Tom / Bardwell, David–38-36–74
Bonner, Gary / Reese, John–35-40–75
Collins, Craig / Stallings, Rob–37-38–75
Griffin, Dan / Mosier, Danny–37-38–75
Hunt, Richard / Trimble, Terry–37-38–75
Arnold, Jim / Heldmar, Bill–37-39–76
Chapman, Steve / Davis, Gary–39-37–76
Dickmann, Lanny Jr / Hukill, David–39-38–77
Paul, Charles / West, Louis–41-37–78
Kauffman, Chris / Norick, Ron–41-38–79
LiSooey, Bruce / Meek, Mark–40-39–79
Milford, Ted Jr / Johnson, Larry–40-40–80
Martin, Craig / Ford, Mike–43-38–81
Thomas, Paul / Zaloudek, Tim–42-40–82
Swann, Gary / Swann, Steve–42-45–87

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