10th Annual Mathis Masters

Event Details

In just a few short weeks, those pampered pros will be complaining about ‘the conditions’ @ ‘The 82nd Masters’ @ Augusta National. Just a few short weeks after that, those of us who still work for a living will be basking in the grandeur of ‘The 10th Annual Mathis Masters’ – & this year’s event will debut its new ‘host course’, (drumroll) ‘Battle Creek Golf Club’ in Broken Arrow, America !!! ‘Battle Creek GC’ is an upscale facility w/a bit of a ‘links style’ feel to it, featuring wind-swept fairways & plenty o bunkers to avoid, plus a brand new, on-cart ‘GPS’ caddy system.
As always, participation is OPEN to non-Mathis persons & you can build your own 4-some or we can build one around you.

See attachment below

If you were only gonna play in one tournament all year, this would be the one … so join us if you can, for a day o blue skies, green grass & golden beverages ~ lunch will be served, beginning @ 11:30am, followed by a 1:00pm shotgun. It’s gonna be like playin in a MAJOR !!!

Hasta la Fairways !!!

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