Golf card comparison leaves no comparison

Golfers who may have noticed the Tulsa World pumping in print (full page color ads) and digitally a new golf card, please take note of the following.

The Tulsa World card has four courses and eight rounds of golf for $55. The new 2015 PGA Golf Pass ( has 84 courses and 73 free rounds of golf for $49.95. That’s really about all you need to know about the TW card.

No other golf card in the state, including the Golf Passport or Premier Golf Card, has even a third of the PGA-member courses as the PGA Golf Pass, the official card of the PGA of America South Central Section and endorsed by the Oklahoma Golf Association. Make sure you are getting the card that is going to give you by far the best value for your money.

We trust that any discerning golfer will look at the available cards and make the easy decision to purchase the PGA Golf Pass for yourself or the golfer in your life.



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Ken MacLeod

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