Hannah, Sullivan repeat winners of TGA Two-Man Championship

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Tulsa Golf Association
Two-Man Championship
at South Lakes Golf Course


1 Austin Hannah and Tyler Sullivan 62-45=107;
2 Bryan Lunger and Tim Tiger 65-48=113;
3 Lee Inmann and Kevin Ramsey 66-48=114;
4 Steve Hughes and Shawn Kitchen 68-48=116;
5 Lloyd Gilliam and Dave Wing 67-50=117,
tie Terry Trimble and Joe Tuttle 68-49=117;
7 Don Cochran and Ryan Rainer 67-51=118,
tie Ed Cohlmia and Gar Jarmon 68-50=118;
9 Andy Matson and Brandon Ward 66-54=120

1 Ross Novak and Jeremiah Swezey 71-45=116;
2 Terry Collier and Mike Lusnak 69-50=119;
3 Berry Britton and Sidney Gaston 71-49=120;
4 Mike Fenner and Ken MacLeod 69-51=120,
5 Jason Gulley and David Wiederkehr 69-53=122,
tie Bruce Lisooey and Nick Sidorakis 69-53=122,
tie Kurt Enkelmann and Jeff Enkelmann 71-51-122,
tie Bill Bunting and Tim Wilson 70-52=122;
9 Bo Connor and Joe Stoeppelwerth 71-53=124;
10 Edward Hathcoat and Shawn Pumphrey 71-56=127

1 Trent Miller and Dell Wilson 72;
2 John Blackmon and Michael Blackmon 73;
3 Jim Lowell and Dave Smith 73;
4 John Holt and Monty Klepper 73,
tie Mark Hight and Ron Humphries 73,
tie Eric Mortiz and Armin Rucker 73;
7 Mark Cochran and Roger Pofffen 74,
tie Park Powell and John Yeager 74;
9 Steve Adams and Burch Williams 75

1 Trey Hightower and Bryan Wilcox 76;
2 David Cole and Bo Hurt 80;
3 Heath Collins and Jim Littrell 82;
4 Jock Lucas and Sunni Lucas 84


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