Oklahoma women win Fore State Championship

2014 Fore State Championship Results
Shangri-La Golf Resort Afton, Oklahoma
July 28-29, 2014

Team scores:
OKLAHOMA 15, Arkansas 12, Missouri 11, Kansas 10

Final Results
Round 1-Four Ball

LeeAnn Fairlie – Janet Miller (OK) def.   
Linda Black-Rosetta Parks (AR) 4&2

Stephany Powell-Kathy Glennon (MO) def.
Teri Albers-Connie Gleave (KS) 5&4

Martha Linscott-Gail Burden (KS)    def.
Kathy West-Rebecca Davis (OK) 1 up

Tina Jones-Diane Chancellor   (MO)  def.
Tracy Duncan-Brenda Carr (AR) Halved

Leigh Ann Fore-Laurie MakesCry (OK) def.
Dee Robertson-Nancy Walther (MO) 1 up

Tanna Richard-Pam Spikes  (AR) def.
Denise Desilet-Sandy Preston (KS) 6&5

Nadia Majidizadeh-Charter Lawson(OK) def.
Peyton Weaver-Marlena Weatherly (AR) 5&4

Catherine Dolan-Kayla Eckelkamp  (MO) def.
Gianna Misenhelter-Baile Winslow (KS) 3&2

Caroline Goodin-Yujeong Son  (OK) def.
Michelle Woods-Anne Willlman (KS) 2&1

Summer Roachell-Grier Bennett  (AR) def.
Brooke Cusumano-Alisha Mathews (MO) 4&3

Kendra Mann-Megan Blonien  (OK) def.
Mabrie Cain-Nalie Bird (MO) 3&2

Amanda Booth-Audrey Meisch (KS) def.
Endsley Evans-Sarah Childers (AR) 1 up

Round 2 Foursome Results

Caroline Goodin-Yujeong Son (OK)
Catherine Dolan-Brooke Cusmano (MO) HALVED

Gianna Misenhelter-Michelle Woods (KS) def.
Marlena Weatherly-Endsley Evans (AR) 7 &6

Summer Roachelle-Grier Bennett (AR) def. 4&3
Kendra Mann-Megan Blonien (OK)

Kayla Eckelkamp-Natalie Bird (MO) def.
Baile Winslow-Anne Willman (KS) 2&1

Nadia Majidizadeh-Charter Lawson (OK)
Audrey Meisch-Amanda Booth (KS) HALVED

Alisha Mathews-Mabrie Cain (MO) def.
Sarah Childers-Peyton Weaver (AR) 1 up

LeeAnn Fairlie-Rebecca Davis (OK) def.
Stephany Powell-Tina Jones (MO) 4&3

Denise Desilet-Gail Burden (KS) def.
Linda Black-Rosetta Parks (AR) 2 up

Kathy West-Janet Miller (OK) def.
Pam Spikes-Tanna Richard (AR) 3&2

Kathy Glennon-Diane Chancellor (MO) def.
Martha Linscott-Teri Albers (KS) 3&2

Leigh Ann Fore-Laurie MakesCry (OK) def.
Connie Gleave-Sandy Preston (KS) 8&7

Tracy Duncan-Brenda Carr (AR) def.
Dee Robertson-Nancy Walther (MO) 1 up

Round 3 Singles Matches

Michelle Woods (KS) def. Kendra Mann (OK) 4&2
Catherine Dolan (MO) def. Sarah Childers (AR) 2&1
Yujeong Son (OK) def. Brooke Cusumano (MO) 2 up
Baile Winslow (KS) def. Peyton Weaver (AR) 6&5
Summer Roachell (AR) def. Megan Blonien (OK) 7&6
Nadia Majidizadeh (OK) def. Gianna Misenhelter (KS) 3&2
Endsley Evans (AR) def. Natalie Bird (MO) 4&3
Caroline Goodin (OK) def. Alisha Mathews (MO) 7&5
Audrey Meisch (KS) def. Marlena Weatherly (AR) 5&3
Grier Bennett (AR) def. Charter Lawson (OK) 1 up
Mabrie Cain (MO) def. Anne Willman (KS) 5&4
Martha Linscott (KS) def. Laurie MakesCry 8&6
Brenda Carr (AR) def. Kathy Glennon (MO) 1 up
LeeAnn Fairlie (OK) def. Diane Chancellor (MO) 2&1
Gail Burden (KS) def. Linda Black (AR) 4&2
Tana Richard (AR) def. Rebecca Davis (OK) 3 &2
Teri Albers (KS)/Stephany Powell (MO) Halved
Kathy West (OK) def. Denise Desilet (KS) 2 &1
Rosetta Parks (AR) def. Nancy Walther (MO) 3-2
Janet Miller(OK)/Tina Jones (MO) Halved
Tracy Duncan (AR) def. Connie Gleaves (KS) 2 up
Leigh Ann Fore (OK) /Pam Spikes (AR) Halved
Dee Robertson (MO) def. Sandy Preston (KS) 3 &1


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