Reed, Secora win TGA Two-Man Challenge

TGA Two Man Challenge II
Stone Creek GC
August 25, 2013


1 Larry Reed and Steve Secora 59-69=128;
2 Danny Barnett and Terry Trimble 64-65=129;
3 Steve Hughes and Shawn Kitchen 64-66=130; 
4 Gene Jackson and Marshall Wesson 66-67=133,
    Mark Mogelnicki and Daniel Stith 66-67=133;
6 Chris Deininger and Mark Lewandowski 66-69=135;
7 Mike Fenner and Ken MacLeod 64-75=139;
8 Gabe Bonham and Billy Ray Young 66-74=140;

1 Connor Cummings and Jack Kasting 68-63=131;
2 Lloyd Gilliam and Dave Wing 67-65=132;
3 Ross Novak and Jeremiah Swezey 67-68=135;
4 Randy Phillips and Brady Wood 70-66=136;
5 Iee Inman and Kevin Ramsey 69-68=137;
6 Jim Arnold and Sean Arnold 6971=140;
7 Matt Campbell and Kyle Lowery 69-74=143,
   Bob Roland and Joe Stoeppelwerth 69-74=143;

1 Charlie Womack and Pete Womack 71-69=140;
2 Kirby Abney and Joe Dial 71-72=142;
3 John Blackmon and Michael Blackmon 74-72=146;
4 Randall Eddington and Joh Wyrrick 72-75=147;
5 Blaine Buford and Chase Buford 72-78=150;
6 Roger Whitaker and Ryan Whitaker 72-80=152;

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