Streck’s breezy new book focuses on a positive mental approach

Professional golfer Ron Streck has never been short of opinions, so it seems a natural that he might commit some of them to posterity in book form.

Who knew, however, that Streck was such a soothsayer when it comes to the mental side of golf.

Streck’s new book, Focus Golf With the Milestone Man, is a short, breezy, easy read that puts you in the best frame of mind to save shots and anguish by bringing the proper mental approach to the game.

The book is slightly larger than a yardage book so you can slip it into your bag and take it out for some quick positive reinforcement when you’re waiting for two groups to play the par-3 in front of you.

Focus Golf concentrates on just that, how to sharpen your mental focus, ignore distractions, have positive swing thoughts, release pressure and develop routines that will help you get better. No talk of swing planes or complicated diagrams, just useful hints and advice from a man who has won at every level of golf, from high school to college and on all three professional tours (PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Tour).

“This is a book to understand the process of preparing to hit a golf shot,” Streck said. “You can’t have all this clutter in your head. You need to focus on one thought and it needs to be positive.”

Streck, a lifelong Tulsan, still plays occasionally on The Champions Tour but is also involved in a host of other business ventures including golf course ownership. He was inspired to write the book by watching his son playing high school golf and noticing how badly certain players slumped after hitting  just one poor shot.

Focus Golf can be found on websites for Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Nook or ordered at 918-845-4955.

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