Tulsa Golf Association City Championship June 24-25

STROKE PLAY – First Played in 1966

Benefitting The First Tee Tulsa

LaFortune Park GC
June 24th-25th, 2017

FORMAT:       Individual Stroke Play

• Declare for Championship Flight, Open Flights, Senior Championship Flight, or Senior Open Flights.
• Senior Division participants must be 50 years of age or older, on or before

CLICK HERE for entry form/information

Past Overall Champions

2016 Patrick West

2015 Austin Hannah        1995     Bill Brafford           1975     Jim Unruh

2014 Jared Taylor              1994     Bill Brafford          1974     Jim Unruh

2013 Colton Staggs           1993     Bill Brafford           1973     Harold Fisher

2012 Tyler Hunt                1992     Bill Heldmar          1972     Lad Larson

2011 Brent Williamson  1991   Mark Redman         1971     Mike Norman

2010 Brady Wood             1990     Joe Nick                    1970     Mike Norman

2009 Kyle Spencer            1989     Bill Brafford           1969     Billy Warren

2005 Jordan Miller           1988     Daryl Court             1968     Mike Norman

2007 Bill Brafford             1987     Pat Herzog              1967     Billy Warren

2006 Garrett Moore         1985     Eric Mueller           1966     Jim Unruh

2004 Bill Brafford             1984     Eric Mueller

2003 Brett Myers              1983     Jim Young

2002 Bill Brafford             1982     Jim Unruh

2001 Bill Brafford             1981     Eric Mueller

2000 Bill Brafford             1980     Georg Hixon

1999 Bill Brafford             1979     Jim Unruh

1998 Mike Hughett           1978    Danny Risener

1997 Eric Mueller              1977     Greg Storm

1996 Bill Brafford             1976     Jim Unruh

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