West wins OJGT Junior Cup Matches in Shawnee

Oklahoma Junior Golf Tour
2015 Junior Cup Matches
May 24-25, 2015
Shawnee Country Club, Shawnee, OK

West 19.5, East 7.5

Alternate Shot
Brandon Strathe/Freddie Wilson, East, d. Logan McCallister/Said Powers 5&4
Dalton DanielZac Owens, West, d. Carson Griggs/Parker Moe 2 & 1
Lance Gregory/McCain Schellhardt, West, d.  Noah Russell/Chandler Wasson, 4 & 3
Cody Burrows/Andrew McDonald, West, d.  Matthew Braley/Justin Moore 6 & 5
Austin Enzbrenner/Nick Pierce, East, d. Carson Seals/Lane Wallace 3 & 1
Austin Eckroat/Laken Hinton, West, d. Sajan Patel/Tyler Shelnutt, 2 & 1
Yujeong Son/Shaebug Scarberry, West, d. Mackenzie Medders/Kate Goodwin 6 & 5
Brinn Fariss/Elizabeth Freeman, West, d. Grace Shin/Taylor Towers 1 up
Natalie Grough/Trudy Allen, East, d. 3 and 2


Said Powers, West, d.  Austin Enzbrenner, 2 up
Cody Burrows, West, d. Nick Pierce 2 up
Dalton Daniel, West, d. Chandler Wasson, 5&4
Aajan Patel, East, all square vs. Lance Gregory
Andrew McDonald, West, d. Parker Moe 3 & 1
Freddie Wilson, East, d. Zac Owens 3 & 1
Logan McCallister, West, d. Brandon Strathe 6 & 5
Lane Wallace, West, d. Matthew Braley 4 & 3
Carson Seals, West, d. Tyler Shelnutt 2 & 1
McCain Schellhardt, West, d. Noah Russell 2 up
Austin Eckroat, West, d. Carson Griggs 6 & 5
Taylor Towers, East, d. Ashton Nemecek 4 & 2
Kate Goodwin, East, d. Alyssa Wilson 4 & 2
Yujeng Son, West, d. Trudy Allen 3 & 1
Shaebug Scarberry, West, d. Natalie Gough, 4 & 2
Grace Shin, East, d. Elizabeth Freeman, 1 up
Brinn Fariss, West, d. Mackenzie Medders 6 & 5

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