Young captures inaugural Justice Golf Players Championship

Daily Young captured the inaugural Justice Golf Players Championship held at Pinnacle Country Club. Daily also won the assistant division while Trent Rommann won the regular division and Mark Fuller won the Senior division.

South Central PGA – Justice Golf Car Players Championship Results
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Date: Oct 25
Course:Karsten Creek Golf Club (Stillwater, OK)

Par and Total Yardage By Division
Karsten Creek Golf Club (Par: 72 Distance: 6572 Rating: 73.3 Slope: 141)

Karsten Creek Golf Club (Par: 72 Distance: 6572 Rating: 73.3 Slope: 141)

Karsten Creek Golf Club (Par: 72 Distance: 6572 Rating: 73.3 Slope: 141)

Results for contest Players Championship:

1,Daily Young,Rogers, AR,,35,36,71,-1
T2,Michael Boyd,Tulsa, OK,,36,36,72,E
T2,Trent Rommann,Wichita, KS,,37,35,72,E
4,Malachi Murphy,Blanchard, OK,,38,36,74,+2
T5,Steven Hausmann,Wichita, KS,,38,37,75,+3
T5,Mark Fuller,Edmond, OK,,38,37,75,+3
T5,Tim Fleming,Oklahoma City, OK,,36,39,75,+3
8,Kyley Tetley,Broken Arrow, OK,,38,38,76,+4
T9,Philip Holley,Hot Springs, AR,,37,40,77,+5
T9,Jeff Tucker,Yukon, OK,,38,39,77,+5
T9,Brad Simons,Little Rock, AR,,41,36,77,+5
T12,Brent Wilcoxen,Tulsa, OK,,39,39,78,+6
T12,Jim Young,Edmond, OK,,41,37,78,+6
T12,Jarod Lundy,Oklahoma City, OK,,38,40,78,+6
T12,George Glenn,Tulsa, OK,,38,40,78,+6
T12,Barry Howard,Hot Springs National, AR,,39,39,78,+6
T12,Mickane Replogle,Broken Arrow, OK,,42,36,78,+6
T18,Blake Bowman,Pryor, OK,,41,38,79,+7
T18,Tanner Owens,Tulsa, OK,,39,40,79,+7
T18,Brent Williamson,Tulsa, OK,,39,40,79,+7
T21,Vince Bizik,Grove, OK,,40,40,80,+8
T21,Taylor Owens,Tulsa, OK,,39,41,80,+8
T21,John Hron V,Bartlesville, OK,,39,41,80,+8
T24,Riley Seitz,Wichita, KS,,41,40,81,+9
T24,Rusty Wortham,Altus, OK,,39,42,81,+9
T24,Darren Watts,Oklahoma City, OK,,38,43,81,+9
27,Mike Stewart,Edmond, OK,,41,41,82,+10
28,Austin Osburn,Jenks, OK,,41,42,83,+11
T29,Bob Ralston,Little Rock, AR,,40,48,88,+16
T29,Joey Martinez,Edmond, OK,,40,48,88,+16

Results for contest Assistant Division:

1,Daily Young,Rogers, AR,$1,000.00,35,36,71,-1
2,Brad Simons,Little Rock, AR,$850.00,41,36,77,+5
3,Mickane Replogle,Broken Arrow, OK,$700.00,42,36,78,+6
T4,Tanner Owens,Tulsa, OK,$550.00,39,40,79,+7
T4,Brent Williamson,Tulsa, OK,$550.00,39,40,79,+7
T6,Taylor Owens,Tulsa, OK,$350.00,39,41,80,+8
T6,John Hron V,Bartlesville, OK,$350.00,39,41,80,+8
8,Riley Seitz,Wichita, KS,$200.00,41,40,81,+9
9,Austin Osburn,Jenks, OK,$150.00,41,42,83,+11
10,Joey Martinez,Edmond, OK,$100.00,40,48,88,+16

Results for contest Regular Division:

1,Trent Rommann,Wichita, KS,$1,000.00,37,35,72,E
2,Michael Boyd,Tulsa, OK,$850.00,36,36,72,E
3,Malachi Murphy,Blanchard, OK,$700.00,38,36,74,+2
4,Steven Hausmann,Wichita, KS,$600.00,38,37,75,+3
5,Kyley Tetley,Broken Arrow, OK,$500.00,38,38,76,+4
6,Philip Holley,Hot Springs, AR,$400.00,37,40,77,+5
T7,Brent Wilcoxen,Tulsa, OK,$216.67,39,39,78,+6
T7,Jim Young,Edmond, OK,$216.67,41,37,78,+6
T7,Jarod Lundy,Oklahoma City, OK,$216.67,38,40,78,+6
10,Blake Bowman,Pryor, OK,$100.00,41,38,79,+7

Results for contest Sr. Division:

1,Mark Fuller,Edmond, OK,$1,000.00,38,37,75,+3
2,Tim Fleming,Oklahoma City, OK,$850.00,36,39,75,+3
3,Jeff Tucker,Yukon, OK,$700.00,38,39,77,+5
T4,George Glenn,Tulsa, OK,$550.00,38,40,78,+6
T4,Barry Howard,Hot Springs National, AR,$550.00,39,39,78,+6
6,Vince Bizik,Grove, OK,$400.00,40,40,80,+8
T7,Rusty Wortham,Altus, OK,$250.00,39,42,81,+9
T7,Darren Watts,Oklahoma City, OK,$250.00,38,43,81,+9
9,Mike Stewart,Edmond, OK,$150.00,41,41,82,+10
10,Bob Ralston,Little Rock, AR,$100.00,40,48,88,+16


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