6 golf cart accessories to add to your wishlist in 2023

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Do you want to buy a golf cart or have you already bought one? Are you constantly asking yourself how you can make your golf cart stand out? Well, there are many accessories you can add to your wishlist this year.

If you enjoy playing golf or own a golf cart that you use on the street to school, work, when running errands, or just getting around, chances are that you have thought about upgrading your golf cart. But do you know what you should get for this upgrade?

Well, this article is for you. We are going to share some of the best golf cart accessories you should add to your wishlist in 2023.

1. Upgraded Mirrors

The truth, that most of us do not want to hear, is that the standard mirrors used on our golf carts are poor. Yes, it is the truth and we should be doing something about it. However, you can change this by getting upgraded mirrors.

You can get aftermarket mirrors that have more attention to features and quality. This is exactly what you need for your golf cart. Your options are endless, from heated mirrors to passenger and driver-side mirrors.

The good news… you can find top-of-the-line golf cart accessories on golfcartstuff.com. Just check what you need, whether upgraded mirrors or other accessories and place an order. Your accessory will get to you on time.

2. Air Conditioner

Imagine a situation where you are using your golf cart to get around the streets during the summer. How uncomfortable would this be for you, especially because of the warm weather? 

Instead of struggling with such issues, why not just get an air con for your golf cart? This way, you will get cool air blowing for yourself and your passengers.

However, you should be careful when getting an air con for your golf cart to avoid getting one that drains your battery.

3. Lift Kit

Yes, you can install a lift kit on your golf cart. This is what you need when passing through curbs or speed bumps. Imagine how it would feel going through those troublesome speed bumps in your neighborhood without worrying even though you are using a golf cart.

If you are looking for a sturdier and better ride, then you can count on lift kits. Let us not forget about how lift kits make your golf cart look better! You will have everyone staring at you as you drive by. 

However, ensure that you have checked your golf cart’s model when getting a lift kit. Some of them might not fit your golf cart.

4. Golf Cart Cover

If you love your golf cart and understand how important it is to you, you should be treating it like a baby. Do you let your babies sleep without cover? Now, picture a situation where it is either too hot or cold outside, where you store your golf cart.

Do you think it would be safe for you to leave the gold cart uncovered? Most definitely not. So, why not get a good golf cart cover to use and ensure that your “baby” is always covered when outside?

Apart from extending the life of your golf cart, you will also be protecting it from threats such as rain, sunlight, and animals.

5. Aftermarket Sound Systems

What feels better than driving on the streets of the home of golf with your favorite songs playing for everyone to hear? I cannot think of anything else that can tell your neighbors that it is party time better than this. Did you know that you can use your golf cart for this?

Well, just like most automobiles, chances are that your golf cart comes with a stock sound system. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on these sound systems, especially when it comes to the delivery of your music.

The good news is that you can change them. Yes, there are many aftermarket sound systems for you to choose from. If you think that this is way too much for you in terms of budget, then get portable Bluetooth speakers for the same.

6. Luggage Rack

No matter the number of passengers your golf cart can carry, you might also have to think about how to carry luggage as well. What if you are going to the beach using the golf cart and you want to carry some items?

You can think about installing a luggage rack on the roof of your golf cart. There are multiple solutions to choose from, so make sure that the one you choose matches your requirements.

As you can see above, you can add different types of accessories to your golf cart to make it better, safer, and more comfortable. The ones discussed here should be on your wishlist this year.


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