A Closer Look: The Best Betting Markets for Golf Fans

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There’s never been a better time to be a golf fan. Though the waters were murky for years following the start of LIV Golf, it seems that the league has laid a solid foundation. Professional golfers can now compete in dozens of global competitions—in the PGA and beyond. Early on, fans were suspicious about the long-term effects a money-heavy league like LIV could create.

Now, however, it seems that many golf fans are intrigued by the added content. Simply put, more events mean there’s more of a chance for viewers to study up on lesser-known pros and watch the rise of up-and-coming talents. While publications continue to debate about whether LIV is legit, whether it still has lasting power, and whether the results can be trusted, there are other signals that it’s here to stay.

One is from sportsbooks. Early on, oddsmakers were hesitant to offer lines on LIV Golf. Much of this was due to the lack of rankings from LIV events and a lack of attention from analysts. However, now there are LIV markets from almost every established US sports betting brand, allowing fans to dive into player props, head-to-heads, and more.

If you’re more focused on having fun betting on golf than debating whether LIV has the power to last, then we’ve got some tips for you. Keep reading for more information on the most exciting golf betting markets available to fans, including how to start betting on LIV if you haven’t before.

Finding Quality Analysis & Picks

If you’re a fan of golf, then you probably have a crack crew of analysts who you trust. Whether they work in broadcasting or they have a finely tuned blog, following a trusted expert is one of the best ways to get solid picks. It’s also a good way for you to compare picks from different analysts.

But if you’re wagering on both the PGA and LIV, you may want to pay close attention to the rule differences. For example, the fact that PGA Tour plays 72 holes and LIV only plays 54 can have a pretty big effect on a player’s outlook. Similarly, LIV offers a four-on-four team play match that doesn’t exist in the PGA, which adds a particularly satisfying challenge for bettors interested in these types of markets.

Differences aside, here are some of the top bets available for both golf organizations.

Top Finishes

Top finishes are a fantastic bet because they let you adjust your expectations. Rather than bet on the outright winner, fans can place their favorites to finish in the top ten, top five, and top twenty places. It’s a solid bet for those who aren’t quite convinced whether their favorite will come out on top. If your predictions are totally off, you can also adjust your bets when the day’s play finishes and calibrate for the restart.

Prop Bets

Who doesn’t love a prop bet? In golf, these wagers revolve around a player’s nationality (national props) or certain outcomes from the tournament (tournament props). The latter are some of the most fun bets in the industry, as you can back players to sink a hole-in-one or try to predict what the cut line will look like after a certain number of holes. If you’re a little burnt out backing hard numbers, then take a break with some fun prop bets – but keep in mind that every sportsbook offers a different perspective on prop bets, so you may need to shop around if you have a specific wager in mind.


These types of tournament matchups let you forget about the player pool. All you have to do is compare how two golfers will do when stacked up against in terms of strokes. Most often, head-to-heads focus on golfers who are paired up for the tournament. This makes watching the game and monitoring your bet easy. However, this isn’t always the case, as some bettors like to wager on head-to-heads for big-name rivals. If focusing on head-to-heads isn’t quite your thing, then you can also focus on group matchups.

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