Aaron Wise struck in the head by Cameron Smith’s drive

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By Garrett Johnston

Well it’s not every day that at golf’s highest level a touring pro gets hit in the head by a fellow pro’s drive.

But that happened today on Southern Hills’ seventh fairway.

Wise was playing the seventh hole in the right rough and trying to identify his ball when a tee shot from Cameron Smith on the adjacent second hole struck Wise on the head.

“He was bending down to look at the ball, and a ball hit him in the head.

Cam Smith

And it’s like, ‘where the hell did that come from?’” Wise’s playing partner Joel Dahmen said.

“He goes down to like a knee. And I was thinking, ’he’s fine, a glancing blow’.”

The ball took another 40 yards and ended up in the rough. You could hear it. All the spectators heard it, it was loud.

Did anyone yell fore?

“No. They were so far away, there are so many people, and the wind’s blowing, you’re not going to be able to hear it,” Dahmen said. “A hundred people could have yelled fore and we wouldn’t have heard it.”

Noted swing coach Sean Foley joked that out on this course the wind could blow whatever ‘fore’ he yells or Dahmen yells “straight to Kansas.”

Wise was surprised by the errant shot that glanced off his cap and left a red mark from Smith’s marker.

“I was walking down seven, Next thing you know, there was a little bit of ringing in my head and I was down on the fairway (on a knee). But that happened for maybe 20 seconds and then I felt pretty normal after that,” Wise said.

Wise actually soldiered through and played good golf immediately after that.

“Yeah, I had a great up and down on seven and eight and obviously there was a lot of adrenaline in the body after something like that happens and I was really just sort of trying to calm myself down and get back into a somewhat normal rhythm the last few holes,” Wise smiled.

So, how’s he feeling after getting hit? After all he left the player hospitality area with an ice bag on his head.

“I’m fine. Head’s a little sore but I feel fine,” Wise said.


Garrett Johnston is a freelance golf journalist who’s covered 30 major championships since 2010. You can listen to his podcast Beyond the Clubhouse with players, caddies and broadcasters here:

And you can follow Johnston on Twitter @JohnstonGarrett.

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