ClubGlider® Golf Travel Bag have legs, Edel putters have weight, both great products

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By Ken MacLeod

I’m not one to change things up when something is working. My family gives me much grief for this propensity when it comes to clothes.

However, when a wheel fell off and the handle ripped in half on my trusty Club Glove, it was time to check out options for transporting my golf clubs on trips.

Friends in the business were raving about the new ClubGlider Golf Travel Bag from Sun Mountain. And now, after using one for the first time, I can see why.

The ClubGlider is the only travel bag that has extendable legs and wheels to support 100 percent of the weight. Trying to get from the car to the ticket counter with a golf bag, suitcase and computer bag or backpack was often the worst part of a trip, but this eases the burden considerably. Now the golf bag glides along without any effort at all, making the trip from car to counter or luggage counter to car rental a breeze.

Once you reach the car or counter, the legs snap in and are tucked away . The bag comes in four models, Pro, Tour Series, Meridan and Jouney, with suggested retail prices of $369, $354, 4319 and $269. There is one for each size bag you might have, with ClubGilder Pro build to accommodate a large staff bag such as a tour player might carry, but most of you will not need that.

So if you want to eliminate the repeated bending and lifting and save your back about 45 pounds of stress each time you travel, try the new ClubGlider. For a retailer near you, call 1-800-227-9224 or visit

Edel custom putters carries the weight!

Another product with a lot of buzz his spring is the Ede’s EAS Custom Designed Putters. I luckily stumbled into a custom fitting day early this spring on a cool, blustery day at Battle Creek with master fitter Ryan Hilton, who covers Oklahoma.

The fitting process for Edel is eye-opening to say the least. The first part of the process uses a laser to show you where you are truly lined up at address compared to the target, and my bias was well to the right, meaning I typically take the putter inside and close it going through.

The fitting process is all very scientific and goes through head shapes, grip size, swing path, speed and most importantly club weight. By the time Ryan finished and we moved outside to test balls, I have never felt a putter that felt more stable or secure. Pros I trust such as Pat McCrate at LaFortune Park and Maggie Roller at Cedar Ridge are believers in the system, and if you want more details on the fitting process, read this review in Hackers Paradise.

They are not inexpensive and I haven’t relegated my Scotty Cameron to oblivion yet, but I’m leaning heavily in that direction.  You can get in touch with Ryan for more information or to see where the next custom fitting day is at


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