DFS Fantasy Golf Strategies For A Sure Win

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Daily fantasy golf is one of the most fun sports to play compared to other daily fantasy sports. The absolute goal in daily fantasy golf is to score as many points as possible by having as many golfers cut. To achieve this, you should make a reliable all-around team and avoid scrubs type of lineup.

However, playing fantasy golf can be frustrating, especially when you have to deal with your lineup every day. You’ll also have to deal with severe consequences if something goes wrong with your lists.

Playing fantasy golf may have challenges just like any other fantasy sport, but there are proven strategies that will give you a fair chance of winning.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert player, these strategies are useful in making your game easy and exciting.

Learn the Score Point

Learn the different scoring systems and rules. Keep in mind that there are no official scoring models for fantasy golf so that each site might score differently. You may want to compare and check each of them.

Knowing the basics are one of your advantages in making reliable and valuable decisions during your game. The essential score points and rules will guide you on how to navigate in different tournaments.

Learning the type of pool will also help you in picking which players will get more points. Some players may offer better scores in a lesser value. Other rules you should look for are the points you should get to win, value money winnings, and the different values per tournament.

Picking Your Players

Your line up is the primary key to winning. Thus, it is crucial to pick the players for fantasy golf who make the cut or place in the top 10 or top 25 of tournaments and will rank up points.

Keep in mind that there are golfers who can rank up huge money rankings in the season, but never win a tournament. Try to choose players who are top finishers, usually above the cut of 125, as they have higher chances to win and typically perform better in the next games.

Also, keep in mind that if a golfer won three tournaments from the previous year, there’s a significant percentage that he might not win again. You should also avoid players below the cut of 125 on the previous money list. Most of these players will rush for impunity and proposals to play, or not eligible to enter the tournament.

You can also pick those who are Par-breakers or score under par. Keep in mind that you’ll score points on each hole, leaning on your golfer’s performance. Try to pick golfers who make as many birdies, eagles, or double eagles as an overall finish.

It’s also best to check out each player’s history and choose those who did well over the previous years. You should also consider their past courses, and who have survived tough courses.

When checking for a player’s history, consider investigating more than just the previous year. Take into account the reasons for their poor season. These may be due to several factors like injury or swing changes.

Age is also another factor to consider. There are plenty of great golfers that suddenly have horrible seasons due to aging. Most older golfers also play less, which will give them less opportunity to win.

Make use of Professional Bookies

Nothing beats from getting a piece of good advice from the professional bookies and expert handicappers. You can check for the recent odds on every golfer at a legitimate online sportsbook. These sportsbooks give out great insights and usually predict who will most likely win.

You can also study the odds even farther by seeing the odds to make the top 10. Letting the experts do the grueling work will save you time and stress. Use this to your advantage and combine the knowledge you earn to give yourself the best shot at winning.

You can also use different fantasy sports sites and sportsbooks to compare golfer pricing and find player pricing discrepancies. It’s best to choose ones that offer greater values and higher winnings.

Check the Courses

Also, consider the different golf venues or courses. Some golfers perform better at specific venues and not well on the others. It’s best to know who historically has done well on the same courses because they tend to do well again in the next game.

It’s also great to know beforehand the course design, layout, build of the venues, and the type of grass. Keep in mind that the greenery and landscape can be a factor in making tight and accurate approach shots.


Playing any fantasy sport can be challenging, but just like any game, you can win by using the right strategies and know all your advantages.

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