Driving golf forward: Trends, innovations, and influencers reshaping the game

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Explore the dynamic trends in golf, from gamified experiences to influencer entrepreneurship. Discover how technology and influencers are transforming golf.

Surging Trends in Golf: A Closer Look at What’s Driving the Game Forward

Curious about golf’s wild ride from the “Tiger effect” highs to losing over 6.8 million players and then back to resurgence? 

The so-called low phase in Golf from 2003 to 2018 changed in March 2020 because of COVID-19. The number of rounds fell by 8.5% in March, according to the figures from the previous year. When the quarantine became less strict, many people started to see golf as a safe way out during the second half of 2020. The number of players showed that golf was strong and could adapt. In 2020, there was an increase in interest in this sport as more than 24.8 million individuals played it in the US.

How did golf navigate this rollercoaster? Let’s unravel its captivating tale of resurgence and adaptation.

Golf taps into the blockchain

Golf is changing a lot, adding fun stuff and cool tech, pulling in many new fans. In 2021 around 37.5 million people tried golf in America. Many were new and liked watching the PGA Tour on TikTok and Netflix. Callaway, seeing this, joined forces with Topgolf spending $2.6 billion. They’re also teaming up with LinksDAO, a crypto group, to make golf and club experiences even better. It’s a big shift, making golf more engaging and high-tech for everyone.

This DAO successfully raised $11 million in Ether by selling NFTs, with plans to acquire golf courses globally. Recently, LinksDAO secured the bid for Spey Bay Golf Club in Scotland, founded in 1907. This unique acquisition showcases the transformative use of NFTs by a DAO, signaling a noteworthy evolution in the modernization of golf communities.

The rise in golf’s popularity invites a closer examination of its changing landscape. Going beyond conventional courses, inventive experiences such as gamified driving ranges and indoor simulators are reshaping the game. As influencers become entrepreneurs, parallels arise with strategic ventures resembling the evolution seen in a lot of the best international gambling sites, contributing to diverse strategies for industry growth.

More Ways to Enjoy the Game

Gamified Driving Range Experience

Golf has expanded beyond the usual playing fields. Now, gamified driving ranges have made practice times more engaging and fun. Through technologies such as Topgolf, people who play golf can improve their abilities in a setting that is both social and filled with competition.

Golf is getting more fun, not just on regular courses but with fun stuff that brings in lots of new viewership. TopGolf is in 70 places across six countries, making golf more of a social game with food and drinks. Their recent collaboration with Callaway shows that TopGolf has been making a lot of money, hitting $1.1 billion in 2019 and growing at a good pace too – around 30% since 2017.

Indoor Golf Simulator Technology

Indoor golf simulators have completely changed the way we enjoy the game, breaking free from traditional weather limitations. Renowned options like Full Swing showcase these advanced systems, providing not just a realistic virtual golf course experience but also serving as effective coaching tools by offering detailed analysis and feedback on players’ swings.

  • Cutting-edge simulators like TrackMan take it a step further, meticulously tracking club head and ball movement data with precise measurements of speed, spin, and direction. This comprehensive insight allows golf enthusiasts to refine their performance. The union of golf with technology and entertainment has caught the attention of players like Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm, who use these simulators for serious training.
  • Innovative features, such as Full Swing’s interactive putting green, add to the experience by replicating thousands of potential putting situations. This adaptability creates a dynamic and engaging practice environment for golfers. 
  • Notably, indoor golf simulators also save time, with solo players completing a full 18 holes in just an hour, eliminating the need for ball retrieval and ensuring a more streamlined and enjoyable experience.
  • This technological shift is not just transforming how golf is played but also amplifying its appeal and excitement. The increased viewership of major events like The Masters and PGA Championship attests to the impact. 
  • CBS tournament viewership rose by 4%, NBC increased by 3%, and Golf Channel saw an impressive 9% uptick. The Masters’ final round had a notable 19% surge from 2022. Abraham Ancer and Sam Bennett are the top players in The Masters now. Collaborations, like the PGA Tour’s partnership with Netflix for a documentary series, underscore the convergence of golf, technology, and entertainment, attracting new fans and enhancing the sport’s appeal for businesses.

Influencer-to-Entrepreneur Examples

Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels was born on the third of July in 1986, and he comes from Britain. He is famous for his YouTube channel called Rick Shiels Golf where he teaches about golf. Since June 2019 it has become the biggest one that talks about golf on YouTube. Despite a concluded Nike apparel deal in 2022, Shiels, with a monthly average of $36,000 on YouTube, remains active in DP World Tour videos and hosts ‘The Rick Shiels Golf Show’ podcast. His social media influence extends to platforms like Facebook, where he connects with over a million followers.

Zire Golf

Zire Golf transforms the conventional golf experience by blending precision target shooting and strategic gameplay. Players aim for specific points on the course, each with its score, adding excitement while honing focus and accuracy. Suitable for all skill levels, Zire Golf accommodates beginners refining basics and seasoned golfers seeking improvement.

Despite Zire’s private account, he welcomes requests from those with over 1 million followers. Boasting 1.5 million Instagram followers, Zire is recognized as one of the funniest golf Instagram accounts. A recent viral video shared by Zire humorously depicts a fight over slow play, featuring the common story of blaming the group ahead (“IT’S THE PEOPLE IN FRONT OF US, WE CAN’T GO ANY FASTER!”). The 45-second video is filled with comedic moments, including a failed kick near the end, leaving the kicker on his butt.

Me and My Golf

‘Me and My Golf’ is a well-known golf coaching platform and YouTube channel led by PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman. They have put out teaching videos, recordings of them playing on the course, and useful advice for golf fans all around the world. Me and My Golf uses teamwork to give custom online teaching, assisting golf players from every skill stage to get better. Using digital technology, they built a successful group that makes learning golf easy and fun. If you are new to golf or have played the game before, Me and My Golf gives useful advice to help improve your game.


The increasing popularity of golf shows a change in the way people view and enjoy the sport. Now we have more interactive ways to practice and with social media stars venturing into businesses related to golf, which changes how we experience it, it is helping the game stay popular and grow in the modern era.

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