East edges West in Oklahoma Junior Cup Matches

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2017 Oklahoma Junior Cup Matches
Shawnee Country Club Shawnee OK
May 28-29 2017

 EAST 20 WEST 16

Sunday: AM Fourball Matches
Matt Braley/Carson Griggs (East) def. William McDonald/Wesley Sachs (West) 6 and 4.
Blake Mittasch/Trent Lutze (West) def. Jared Strathe/James Roller (East) 1 up.
Shad Werhli/Daniel Reed (East) def. Cooper Wilguess/Shayne Patel (West) 1 up.
Logan Brooks/Isaac Bullen (East) def. Tristan Florence/Carson Tewell (West) 3 and 1.
Luke Morgan/Tanner Harris (West) def. Jack Glenn/Max Roberts (East) 1 up.
Harrison Gearhart/Alec Dominic (East) def. Shane Herlihy/Cale Hilbert (West) 3 and 2.
Natalie Gough/Jenni Roller (East) def. Adeline Norton/Maddi Kamas (West) 5 and 3.
Felicity Wittenberg/Lilly Whitley (West) def. Alesia Gonzales/Mika Ramos (East) 3 and 1.
Hannah Torres/Megan Brown (West) def. Raychel Nelke/Shelby Phillips (East) 5 and 3.

Fourball Points East 5 vs West 4

Sunday: PM Alternate Shot
Matt Braley/Carson Griggs (East) def. William McDonald/Wesley Sachs (West) 2 and 1.                                                             Jared Strathe/James Roller (East) def. Blake Mittasch/Trent Lutze (West) 2 and 1.
Cooper Wilguess/Shayne Patel (West) def. Shad Werhli/Daniel Reed (East) 5 and 4.
Tristan Florence/Carson Tewell (West) def. Logan Brooks/Isaac Bullen (East) 2 up.
Jack Glenn/Max Roberts (East) def. Luke Morgan/Tanner Harris (West) 3 and 1.
Harrison Gearhart/Alec Dominic (East) def. Shane Herlihy/Cale Hilbert (West) 2 and 1.
Adeline Norton/Maddi Kamas (West) def. Natalie Gough/Jenni Roller (East) 1 up.
Alesia Gonzales/Mika Ramos (East) halved Felicity Wittenberg/Lilly Whitley (West).
Raychel Nelke/Shelby Phillips (East) def. Hannah Torres/Megan Brown (West) 6 and 5.

Alternate Shot Points East 5.5 vs West 3.5


Monday, May 29, 2017
Monday AM: Singles
Matt Braley (East) halved William McDonald (West).
Carson Griggs (East) def. Wesley Sachs (West) 3 and 2.
Jared Strathe (East) win by default Blake Mittasch (West).
Trent Lutze (West) def. James Roller (East) 2 and 1.
Cooper Wilguess (West) def. Shad Werhli (East) 5 and 3.
Shayne Patel (West) def. Daniel Reed (East) 1 up.
Tristan Florence (West) def. Logan Brooks (East) 2 and 1.
Carson Tewell (West) def. Isaac Bullen (East) 6 and 5.
Luke Morgan (West) def. Jack Glenn (East) 4 and 3.
Tanner Harris (West) def. Max Roberts (East) 3 and 2.
Harrison Gearhart (East) def. Shane Herlihy (West) 4 and 3.
Alec Dominic (East) def. Cale Hilbert (West) 7 and 5.
Natalie Gough (East) def. Adeline Norton (West) 1 up.
Jenny Roller (East) def. Maddi Kamas (West) 3 and 2.
Alesia Gonzales (East) def. Felicity Wittenberg (West) 4 and 3.
Mika Ramos (East) def. Lilly Whitley (West) 3 and 1.
Raychel Nelke (East) def. Hannah Torres (West) 9 and 7.
Megan Brown (West) def. Shelby Phillips (East) 4 and 2.



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