Everything you need to know about the golf swing

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Everything you need to know about the golf swing

Have you ever seen the fluidity with which golf players swing? 

The golf swing is the foundation of the sport, and professional players spend years perfecting their technique. But what makes a good golf swing? How can you improve your swing?

In this article, let’s look at the golf swing in detail, exploring the different parts of the swing and looking at common mistakes beginner golfers make. I will also discuss techniques to improve your swing and tools and drills you can perform to improve.

What is the golf swing?

One of the words we often hear during a golf session in the great outdoors is the swing. This means the latter is an essential discipline in the game, whether for beginners or experienced.

A golf swing is a movement that consists of holding the club and moving it to hit the ball to achieve a specific goal.

When you are a beginner, the first thing you want to do is to send the ball as far as possible. This is only done by performing a fast swing. Speed ​​is essential for a successful swing, except it is not the only parameter.

You also have to learn to control the path of the club and the direction of the swing. These two tricks aren’t discussed much when teaching beginner golfers how to swing the perfect swing, yet it’s the foundational movement to start the game.

How to make the golf swing well?

The golf swing is a precision movement that uses many body muscles, so it is very technical and challenging to master. As it is the primary movement to start playing golf, you must learn to perform it perfectly without errors. But you also need to wear comfortable and proper attire for playing golf, like men’s golf polo or men’s golf shirts for casual summer play with friends. Learning the condition of the day will help a player determine which type of clothing is best for the game, especially for rainy seasons, a mens waterproof golf jacket will help a player keep playing even when it is pouring.

For this, every golf player must master the speed of the swing, its direction, and the relationship between the club’s path and the spontaneous face. This is done by following the following steps:

  1. First, you must get into the correct posture, which means placing your front foot slightly in front of the ball. 
  2. Then, approach the ball to touch it with your club,
  3. Bend your knees a little while keeping your alignment, and start your backswing by raising your hand from its initial position until you bring the club behind your head.
  4. Execute the downswing by shifting your weight onto the balls of your feet, remembering to make sure that the shaft is angled forward, in the direction of the target, at the moment of impact, and do not try to hit your ball too fast.

To help you achieve the perfect swing, it is important to have the right equipment for your hands. Therefore, the golf club and its grip are important parameters in the quality of your swing.

Common Golf Swing Mistakes

As the mastery of the swing is technical, it is tricky for beginners. Many mistakes are seen on golf courses. Knowing them will save you time in learning this vital gesture.

The most common mistake is putting the clubhead behind your hands exaggeratedly. This is called “inside starting.”

Otherwise, we frequently notice during a golf session, the following errors:

  • The opening of the hands;
  • Online start;
  • Failure to respect the inner circle and the outer circle;
  • Failure to respect the position of your elbow.

And finally, you know that to work on your swing, you must work on your takeaway and always try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.


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