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XXIO is pushing to increase its share of the equipment market in the U.S. with an aggressive sales campaign with product in more outlets than ever and two new families of clubs, the Eleven and the X.

“We’re different than any other brand in the market, just as our new tagline suggests, and in 2020, we’ll showcase our differences to more players than we ever have before,” said Chuck Thiry, Vice President of XXIO USA. “We encourage all players to come out and ‘Experience the Difference’ of XXIO. My guess is that if you give us a try, you’ll see a ball flight that you haven’t seen in a very long time.”

Both of the new lines feature what the company has tagged as “Weight Plus” technology which they are calling a breakthrough in design by placing 13-grams of brass and rubber in the club’s butt end. The company says testing has shown this reduces the effort to swing the club and that can lead to more clubhead speed and distance.

The XXIO Eleven (men’s and ladies) is the eleventh generation of the clubs with lightweight forgiving construction targeted for players with moderate swing speeds, typically ladies and senior men.

“We’ve been developing lightweight equipment for nearly two decades now,” Thiry said. “That kind of experience gives you a real understanding o, not only the benefits of light weight, but also the benefits of accompanying technologies that you can pair with light weight to make the products perform even better. With our new Weight Plus counterbalancing technology, we are further pushing the limits of high balance point. It’s the combination of light weight and high balance point that makes XXIO Eleven a game changer for moderate swing speed players.”

XXIO X are premium category clubs for better golfers looking to take advantage of lower weight and high balance point design. X irons are forged with a more compact shape and the driver has a carbon fiber sole to deliver a more muted sound.

“X takes the same XXIO philosophy – light weight and easy to swing – but is designed for better players” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “We’re targeting golfers who have typically played ‘players’ golf equipment but are starting to see distance declines in their game. X allows a wider audience to experience the difference of XXIO,” Brunski said. “It’s easy distance and easy forgiveness, built without sacrifices.”


Game improvement category light weight

Counterbalance weighting men & ladies

High balance point with 13-grams of brass & rubber in butt

Thin sole (.45 mm) supported by Star Frame structure for better forgiveness

Cup face construction driver, fairway woods & hybrids

Sole weight pad allows larger cup face

Irons have double undercut cavity

Available Jan. 21, 2020

Driver $649.99, fairway woods $399.99, hybrids $299.99

Single iron graphite shaft $199.99


Players category light weight

Counterbalance weighting

High balance point with 13-grams of brass & rubber in butt

Driver carbon fiber sole

Driver, fairway woods & hybrid have cup face construction

Uniquely shaped sole weight pad allow larger cup face

Iron have milled speed groove around back of face

Available Jan. 21, 2020

Driver $699.99, fairway woods $399.99, hybrids $299.99

Single iron $199.99

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