Few find going easy at OK Kids Korral Championship at Belmar

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By Clay Horning
For Golf Oklahoma
NORMAN — Typically, on a windy day, it’s the players who go off first thing in the morning with the advantage. Wednesday at Belmar Golf Club, however, was not typical.

Around 6:15 p.m., with only the second half of the afternoon wave still on the course, and the wind still howling, a gaggle of 68s and 69s sat atop the first-round leaderboard of the OK Kids Korral Championship. Then Chris Ward came in with a 67. Then Andrew Yun came in with a 65.

“You just have to pick your spots to be aggressive,” said Blake Redmond, part of the group at 68. “The greens are perfect. If you’re hitting it well, you can make some birdies.”
Not everybody hit it well.

Fifteen golfers failed to break 80 on the par 70 course that measures out 6,519 yards from the back tees and maybe a couple hundred yards longer from the tips. The field’s stroke average was 4.3 over par.

Ward and Yun, though, found the birdies.

Yun made six, including five over a nine-hole stretch from No. 15 to No. 5, against a single bogey. Ward made five against two bogeys.

Ward sees the wind as an equalizer, not to mention the greens, which may be true, but are also plenty fast.

“I don’t see anybody going super low on this course,” he said, “especially with the green’s pretty quick. You can get into trouble above the hole.”

A field of more than 130 golfers teed off Wedenesday. Six, with scores of 87 and higher, were cut immediately. Following today’s round, the field will be cut to the low 35 percent and ties.

A year ago, recent departing Sooner Will Kropp outdueled former Texas A&M standout Jordan Russell for the crown. This year, neither is in the field. Nor is any ex-Sooner. Just a bunch of guys trying to make their way through the carnival life that’s professional golf.
On opening day, though a couple went low, it was more about survival.

“If you hit one just a little not solid, the wind makes it turn a lot more than you want,” said Garrett Driver, a Sam Houston State product who carded an opening 69. “Thus far, it’s about not making big numbers. It’s about hitting it somewhere (safe). It’s about fairways and greens.” 


Adams Pro Tour  – OK Kids Korral Championship Results
June 18-21
Belmar Golf Club
Par: 70 Distance: 6519

 1    Andrew Yun            Chandler, AZ           33-32–65 -5  
 2    Chris Ward            McKinney, TX           35-32–67 -3  
 T3   Lance Lopez           Richmond, TX           32-36–68 -2  
 T3   Michael Whitehead     Houston, TX            36-32–68 -2  
 T3   Will Dusenbury        League City, TX        38-30–68 -2  
 T3   Chris Gilbert         Mckinney, TX           38-30–68 -2  
 T3   Blake Redmond         Sugar Land, TX         35-33–68 -2  
 T3   Jimmy Shaw            Oklahoma City, OK      32-36–68 -2  
 T3   Freddie Janneck       Fort Worth, TX         35-33–68 -2  
 T10  Dustin Morris         Crosby, TX             35-34–69 -1  
 T10  Bill Allcorn          Waco, TX               36-33–69 -1  
 T10  Blake Trimble         Houston, TX            36-33–69 -1  
 T10  Kevin Vanden Heuvel   Houston, TX            34-35–69 -1  
 T10  Casey Clendenon       Katy, TX               37-32–69 -1  
 T10  Aaron Marshall        Magnolia, TX           35-34–69 -1  
 T10  Rhein Gibson          Edmond, OK             36-33–69 -1  
 T10  Garrett Driver        Humble, TX             35-34–69 -1  
 T18  Ryan Baca             Sugar Land, TX         37-33–70 E   
 T18  Zechariah Potter      Cheney, KS             35-35–70 E   
 T18  Derek Plucienski      New Orleans, LA        38-32–70 E   
 T18  Chris Worrell         Enid, OK               36-34–70 E   
 T18  Tyler Sheppard        Fort Worth, TX         37-33–70 E   
 T23  Chad Ginn             Gulfport, MS           37-34–71 +1  
 T23  Vilhelm Bogstrand     Oslo, Norway           37-34–71 +1  
 T23  Adam Sumrall          Houston, TX            34-37–71 +1  
 T23  Jonathan Moore        Stillwater, OK         39-32–71 +1  
 T23  Chris Naegel          Chesterfield, MO       38-33–71 +1  
 T23  Bryan Hogan           Houston, TX            36-35–71 +1  
 T23  Brian Rowell          Lafayette, LA          36-35–71 +1  
 T23  Dillon Rust           Edmond, OK             40-31–71 +1  
 T23  Matthew Stephens      Mont Belvieu, TX       37-34–71 +1  
 T23  Mark Walker           Hurst, TX              37-34–71 +1  
 T23  Michael A. Smith      Austin, TX             39-32–71 +1  
 T23  Clinton Shepard       West Monroe, LA        38-33–71 +1  
 T23  Drew Laning           Little Rock, AR        35-36–71 +1  
 T23  Alex Carpenter        Dallas, TX             37-34–71 +1  
 T23  Charlie Holland       Dallas, TX             37-34–71 +1  
 T38  Case Cochran          Dallas, TX             36-36–72 +2  
 T38  Michael Smith         Lafayette, LA          35-37–72 +2  
 T38  Chase Barnes          Houston, TX            40-32–72 +2  
 T38  Nick Wilson           Little Rock, AR        38-34–72 +2  
 T38  Craig Kanada          The Woodlands, TX      35-37–72 +2  
 T38  Brian Dwyer           Southlake, TX          38-34–72 +2  
 T38  Conrad Shindler       Dallas, Tx             37-35–72 +2  
 T38  Connie Pierce         Oklahoma City, OK      37-35–72 +2  
 T38  Christopher E. Brown  Trophy Club, TX        39-33–72 +2  
 T38  Jared Vela            Pasadena, TX           36-36–72 +2  
 T38  Shawn Jasper          Foristell, MO          38-34–72 +2  
 T38  Matt Boyd             Sugar Land, TX         38-34–72 +2  
 T38  Scott Roudebush       Dallas, TX             36-36–72 +2  
 T38  Scott Kelly           Austin, TX             38-34–72 +2  
 T38  Trevor McInroe        Plano, TX              38-34–72 +2  
 T53  Anthony Broussard     Addison, TX            37-36–73 +3  
 T53  Yun Lee               Oklahoma City, OK      36-37–73 +3  
 T53  Mark Stevens          Concord, NH            40-33–73 +3  
 T53  Nathan Anderson       Arlington, TX          38-35–73 +3  
 T53  Sam Powell            Tulsa, OK              36-37–73 +3  
 T53  Joshua Havard         Arlington, TX          39-34–73 +3  
 T53  Sumin Yu              Richardson, TX         41-32–73 +3  
 T53  Jason Meece           Ardmore, OK            38-35–73 +3  
 T53  Stanton Tondre        Castroville, TX        37-36–73 +3  
 T53  Derek Dodd            Oklahoma City, OK      36-37–73 +3  
 T53  Fergal Rafferty       Carrickmore, Ireland   37-36–73 +3  
 T53  Chris Brown           Garland, TX            36-37–73 +3  
 T53  Ryan O’Rear           Belton, TX             39-34–73 +3  
 T53  Cameron Bishop        Tulsa, OK              38-35–73 +3  
 T53  Kevin Penner          Sammamish, WA          39-34–73 +3  
 T53  Alexander Gutesha     Dallas, TX             37-36–73 +3  
 T53  Joey Rippel           Sugar Land, TX         39-34–73 +3  
 T53  Mark Victorian        Friendswood, TX        39-34–73 +3  
 T53  Taylor Artman         Norman, OK             38-35–73 +3  
 T53  Jose Lopez            Veracruz, Mexico       37-36–73 +3  
 T53  Brian Whittle         Golden City, MO        37-36–73 +3  
 T53  J R Hurley            Norman, OK             38-35–73 +3  
 T53  Andrew Green          Edmond, OK             40-33–73 +3  
 T76  Zack Reeves           Arlington, TX          38-36–74 +4  
 T76  Jamey Taylor          Friendswood, TX        40-34–74 +4  
 T76  Craig McCoy           Plano, TX              38-36–74 +4  
 T76  Cameron Meyers        Edmond, OK             40-34–74 +4  
 T76  Justin Bryant         St. Louis, MO          36-38–74 +4  
 T76  Hunter Sparks         Oklahoma City, OK      38-36–74 +4  
 T76  Joseph Kinney         Antioch, IL            41-33–74 +4  
 T76  Mitchell McLeroy      Mansfield, TX          38-36–74 +4  
 T76  Neal Ajubita          Metairie, LA           39-35–74 +4  
 T76  Brad Gehl             Carmel, IN             36-38–74 +4  
 T86  Tyler Gann            Tomball, TX            40-35–75 +5  
 T86  Curtis Donahoe        League City, TX        41-34–75 +5  
 T86  Herbert Day           Houston, TX            41-34–75 +5  
 T86  Johnathan Schnitzer   Houston, TX            37-38–75 +5  
 T86  Corey Hale            Newcastle, Australia   38-37–75 +5  
 T86  Collin Neeman         Waterloo, IL           38-37–75 +5  
 T86  Peter McGibney        Dublin, Ireland        37-38–75 +5  
 T86  Sam Smith             Archer City, TX        37-38–75 +5  
 T86  Matt Eschenburg       The Woodlands, TX      39-36–75 +5  
 T95  Cole Howard           Burleson, TX           40-36–76 +6  
 T95  David Petry           San Antonio, TX        38-38–76 +6  
 T95  Kyle Smell            Overland Park, KS      40-36–76 +6  
 T95  Benjamin Rose         Spring, TX             40-36–76 +6  
 T99  John Kelly            Saint Louis, MO        39-38–77 +7  
 T99  Thomas Garza          Fair Oaks Ranch, TX    40-37–77 +7  
 T99  Trey Lawson           Holliday, TX           40-37–77 +7  
 T99  Mj Daffue             Houston, TX            38-39–77 +7  
 T99  Thane Ringler         Hutchinson, KS         41-36–77 +7  
 T99  Ben Klaus             Edmond, OK             39-38–77 +7  
 T99  John Darden           Frisco, TX             43-34–77 +7  
 T99  Cj Clem               Rockwall, TX           39-38–77 +7  
 T99  Ian Davis             Edmond, OK             40-37–77 +7  
 T99  Billy Brozovich       Jackson, Ms            38-39–77 +7  
 T109 John Hurley           Spring, TX             39-39–78 +8  
 T109 John Kyle             Friendswood, TX        41-37–78 +8  
 T109 David Griffin         Baton Rouge, LA        40-38–78 +8  
 T109 Talor Gooch           Choctaw, OK            41-37–78 +8  
 T109 Kevin Dougherty       Murrieta, CA           38-40–78 +8  
 T114 Tyler Lytton          North Las Vegas, NV    39-40–79 +9  
 T114 Cory Baker            Adkins, TX             44-35–79 +9  
 T114 Bobby Massa           Tyler, TX              45-34–79 +9  
 T114 Jared Paul            Mulvane, KS            43-36–79 +9  
 118  Jordan McLaurin       Ironton, MO            43-37–80 +10 
 T119 Ben Harris            Jenks, OK              42-39–81 +11 
 T119 Travis England        Moline, IL             41-40–81 +11 
 121  Brett Taunton         El Dorado, AR          43-39–82 +12 
 T122 Max Glasson           Stillwater, OK         45-38–83 +13 
 T122 Stephen Hollingsworth The Woodlands, TX      41-42–83 +13 
 T124 Brent Marshall        The Woodlands, TX      41-43–84 +14 
 T124 Jackson Ogle          Edmond, OK             45-39–84 +14 
 126  Raleigh Hughes        Keller, TX             46-39–85 +15 


 MC   Jeremy Freedman       Dallas, TX             48-39–87 +17 
 MC   Bryce Myburgh         Ballito, South Africa  47-40–87 +17 
 MC   Chuck Candler         Norman, OK             46-41–87 +17 
 MC   Ethan Miller          Nowata, OK             45-43–88 +18 
 MC   Dacota Dryden         Dallas, TX             53-41–94 +24 
 MC   Michael Brinkley      Oklahoma City, OK      56-52–108 +38

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