Five of the Best Golfers Oklahoma Has Ever Produced

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Oklahoma is home to many top-notch golf courses that provide a difficult and beautiful experience for avid golfers. The diverse golfing community in Oklahoma has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started. It might be difficult to know where to start when there are so many possibilities available.

Something often overlooked when playing through 18 holes is the strategy required to have a successful trip around one’s favorite course. In golf, players must carefully analyze the terrain, calculate distances, and assess their skills before deciding on the best approach to each shot. Such skills can also help one find success playing the strategic games found in online casinos.

Suppose you’re playing baccarat real money, for example. In that case, successful players must understand the game’s intricacies, such as the importance of card values and the various betting options available, to make informed decisions that increase their chances of winning. Both golf and baccarat also require a high level of mental focus and discipline, as players must remain calm and composed under pressure to execute their chosen strategies effectively.

If you can utilize the aforementioned skills, there’s a great chance that you will succeed both at the table and on the links. And that’s something that these five superstars have managed to do with varying levels of success.

Gil Morgan

When it comes to golf in Oklahoma, few names are as celebrated as Gil Morgan. This native of Wewoka achieved astounding success as a professional golfer, racking up wins on both the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. Throughout his career, Morgan consistently impressed fans and peers alike with his refined swing and unwavering focus.

But perhaps what truly sets Morgan apart from other Oklahoma golfers is his commitment to his home state. Despite receiving offers to move elsewhere, Morgan has always chosen to remain in Oklahoma, demonstrating an admirable loyalty and dedication to his roots. For these reasons and more, Gil Morgan is revered as one of the greatest golfers to come out of the Sooner State.

Tommy Bolt

One of Oklahoma’s top golfers to come out of the state is without a doubt Tommy Bolt. This well-known golfer started his career in 1946 and concluded it with 15 PGA Tour victories, including the 1958 U.S. Open. Bolt’s extraordinary fervor and drive for the game set him apart from other golfers of his era.

He was known for having a flamboyant personality and a quick fuse, earning the moniker “Terrible Tommy.” He continued to be a fan favorite and a renowned golfer despite his occasionally unpredictable demeanor. Bolt’s unyielding tenacity and unrivaled talent have solidified his spot among the greatest golfers in Oklahoma history.

Doug Tewell

In Oklahoma, Doug Tewell’s name is linked with top-notch golfing. It is hardly surprising that he is regarded as one of the state’s top golfers given the many awards he has won. Tewell has won numerous tournaments throughout the course of his successful career, including three on the PGA Tour and nine on the Champions Tour.

He stands out from the competition not just because of his outstanding win total but also because of his reliable and exact playing style. He continues to be remembered for his capacity to hit shots that the normal golfer would consider impossible. Many people in the golfing community find inspiration in Doug Tewell, and future generations in Oklahoma will also find motivation in his legacy.

Labron Harris Jr.

In Oklahoma, Labron Harris Jr. is revered for his golfing ability. He was well known across the country for his exceptional talent and multiple accomplishments securing his status as one of the top golfers in the nation, with an impressive resume of victories throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

He broke records aplenty and triumphed in numerous competitions both inside and outside of his home state. Generations of athletes have been inspired by his extraordinary commitment to the game of golf. As such, it’s no surprise that fanatics can’t get enough of his legendary status.

Bob Tway

Bob Tway’s golf career is nothing short of impressive. It’s not difficult to understand why he’s regarded as one of Oklahoma’s top golfers given his numerous PGA Tour triumphs. His signature moment came at the 1986 PGA Championship, where he famously holed out from a bunker to defeat Greg Norman. This clutch shot solidified his place in golf history and showcased his incredible skill.

Tway continued to dominate on the tour, winning 19 events in total and representing the United States in the Ryder Cup. His impact on the sport, and on Oklahoma, cannot be understated. Tway is a legend not only for his accomplishments on the course but also for inspiring the next generation of golfers in the state.


Although Oklahoma may not be the most well-known state for producing golfers of the highest caliber, the six people on this list have left a lasting impression on the game. From Gil Morgan’s longevity to Stacy Lewis’s dominance on the LPGA Tour, each golfer highlighted on this list has achieved success in their own way. As golf fans, it’s always fun to look back and appreciate the contributions of those who have come before us – and this group of Oklahomans certainly deserves recognition.

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