Great golfing courses to try this year

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Looking for some great golf courses to try this year? Look no further than the best golfing courses in this guide. Grab your passport and golf clubs — it’s going to be another great year of golfing!

Old Course (St Andrews, Scotland)

Let’s start with a beloved classic: Old Course.

Old Course is situated all the way in beautiful St Andrews, Scotland, and is widely considered to be the oldest golf course in the world. Yes, you read that correctly. The aptly named Old Course is, indeed, the oldest golf course ever. Ultimately, this is why so many people travel to Scotland just to play there every year, as there’s a lot of history and mystique attached to it.

The best part about Old Course is that it’s a public golf course. In other words, anyone can play there, so you don’t need to worry about hefty membership fees or anything like that. Instead, simply make the trip to St Andrews, put on your best golf attire, and hope that you can get on the course without it being too busy.

As you would expect, Old Course has a classic 18 holes and is a pretty long course overall. So, if you’re playing with friends or simply need a break in between the action, it’s recommended you grab your mobile and enjoy some online blackjack. Spin Casino is especially popular with golf fans because it also features a range of golf casino games, such as Lucky Shot (slots), and is fully certified. So, the next time you need a break while out on the golf course, give it a try!

Oitavos Dunes (Cascais Municipality, Portugal)

Fancy making the trip to Portugal? If so, you should definitely check out Oitavos Dunes, which is by far the best golf course that Portugal has to offer. With a beautiful ocean backdrop and a stunning 18 holes to enjoy, you’re truly spoilt for choice. Best of all, you can almost guarantee that the weather is going to be good, which is why there’s no need to worry in that regard.

One thing to know about Oitavos Dunes is that it’s very popular — but also challenging. Many people report that the greens can be especially challenging, and you’ll often find that you need to drive the golf ball straight in order to get the results you want. Therefore, if you enjoy a challenge, Oitavos Dunes is definitely the course for you. Plus, Portugal is a great holiday destination, so what’s not to love?

Pebble Beach Golf Links (Monterey, California)

Pebble Beach Golf Links has been anonymously voted the best public golf course in the U.S.

Over the years, Pebble Beach Golf Links has become a truly iconic course, having hosted 11 USGA Championships, 5 of which were official U.S. Open National Championships.

The course itself is truly stunning, which you would expect when you take into account the eye-wateringly expensive price you have to pay to get on it. Having said that, though, the money is more than worth it, as you’re playing on a course that’s rich in history and has had countless golf greats grace it before, including Tiger Woods.

If you decide to turn it into a holiday and stay at the Pebble Beach Resorts, you can reserve your tee time at Pebble Beach Golf Links up to 18 months in advance, which is also handy to know.

Royal Birkdale (Southport, England)

Formed in 1889, Royal Birkdale is officially the number one golf course in England. Every year, thousands of golfers travel to England so that they can experience this excellent course and its 18 great holes; with the par 3 12th regarded as one of the best par 3’s in the entire world. Make no doubt about it: you’ll have one of the best golf experiences of your entire life at the Royal Birkdale.

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