Haney endorses golf training device invented by former TU football player and U.S. bobsledder Dave Owens

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Former University of Tulsa football player and four-time U.S. bobsled team competitor as well as official and coach David Owens knows as much as anyone about physical fitness, strength conditioning and efficient training.

What he didn’t realize when working on developing a new hand-speed training system for baseball and hockey players was the huge potential benefit for golfers.

Turns out that the Hand Speed Trainer is now endorsed by Hank Haney, another successful University of Tulsa graduate. And in tests at GolfTec Tulsa, students and instructors who used the system experienced a measurable increase in swing speed and distance almost immediately.

The Hand Speed Trainer is a neoprene sleeve for your lower arms in which weights beginning at four ounces are inserted. The idea is to make the same golf swing as normal using the weights which you can increase in four-ounce increments.

Owens has taught multiple sports at Holland Hall High School in Tulsa since retiring from the U.S. Bobsled team in 2001. He has remained active with bobsledding as well, including coaching the U.S. Women’s team from 2010-11, serving as an assistant chief of competition at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002 and as a race director at the Vancouver Games in 2010.

With nine-year old triplets at home, Owens left the women’s team after 2011 and that left him time to begin work on marketing some ideas he had developed in all his years of teaching.

In tests confirmed by GolfTec Tulsa owner Pat McTigue, students gained an average of 3.5 mph in swing speed, 4.5 mph in ball velocity and 7.42 yards with either a 6-iron or 7-iron during testing over four weeks.

"What this does for the golfer is he’s able to go the driving range and increase his resistance without altering his mechanics," Owens said. "The golf swing doesn’t change at all."

Owens has hired a national public relations firm to promote the product and is looking into various means of promoting online as well. The sleeve comes in three sizes and comes in a package with the weights and a book detailing training methods. You can purchase the package online at www.handspeedtrainer.com. Owens is running an April special of $59.99, regular price is $79.99.

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