NBA stars who loves golf: from court to course

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Dozens of professional athletes have interests and hobbies outside their essential sports. For example, there are NBA stars who love to play golf. While some people may see golf as a sport a far cry from basketball, the two share a lot in common that people think.

Essentially, NBA stars playing a sport like golf help improve their focus, mental toughness, and precision. Also, golf allows players to unwind, relax and challenge themselves in different ways.

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4 NBA Stars That Love Golf

Most athletes love to take on other sports for leisure or the benefit it offers them. It’s common to find several NBA players taking up golf during their careers. Perhaps because it is a low-impact sport that won’t damage their valuable limbs or for other reasons, whatever their reasons, below are four NBA stars who also play golf.

  1. Stephen Curry

It’s no secret that Curry’s talent on the court is impressive, but he is also a solid golfer. While it seems unlikely for someone to be uber-talented in more than one sport, Curry is a great example. In 2013, Curry finished 4th place in the American Century Championship in Tahoe.

Often, Curry is seen teeing off other well-known celebrities. Also, he curated a line of golfing apparel like Under Armour. Curry was also associated with paving the way for golfers from Howard University by establishing their first-ever golf team.

  1. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is arguably a good golfer though he is often seen in jeans, shorts, and a t-shirt on the course. According to some sources, there is limited footage of him swinging. But even if Shaq’s golf playing skill isn’t on a pro level, his record as a basketballer makes him exceptional.

There seems to be an inside joke about Shaq’s swing. Many notable golfers call it “the funniest thing to have ever happened to golf.” But despite all those comments, Shaq is often seen on the greens, showing how deep his love for golf goes.

  1. Larry Bird

Larry Bird is another NBA star who loves golf. Bird’s infamous trash talk on the court is a common strategy he uses to throw other players off their game. Bird is quite a golfer, often seen teeing off too.

Although the NBA star boasts a respectable 3.1 handicap and is co-founder of the Hideout Club in Florida, and we’re sure his love for golf won’t slow down anytime soon.

  1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is another avid golfer who has been on the course for over 30 years. Some believe Jordan’s love for golf started when Davis Love II introduced it to him at UNC. Throughout his career and into retirement, Jordan started a tournament in 2021.

Jordan called his tournament the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational, which has raised $7 million for charity. Even on big basketball game days, Jordan has still been known to hit the greens. It could be that Jordan’s secret to all his titles is from relaxing his mind on the golf course.


In summary, NBA stars’ love for golf reminds them that even the most accomplished athletes can have an interest and passion beyond their chosen sport. For most athletes, golfing is a way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while mentally and physically relaxing.

Or golfing can be a way athletes can push themselves in new ways without the risk of causing any damage that will be detrimental to their basketball performance.

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