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By Ed Travis

Scotty Cameron is one of the most respected putter designers in the industry and when he comes up with a line of putters such as the Phantom X and that they are high-tech it is well worth paying attention.

Quoting Cameron: “Phantom X is by far the most high-tech putter line we’ve designed to date. This product is so much faster looking, and taken to the next level, that it needed a new name. It’s a major leap in performance. We’ve designed a variety of flange setups, alignment options and shaft bends to offer mallet players more models to choose from. I was inspired by Tour players who’ve asked for slightly smaller profiles with more alignment options and solid face construction. The engineering has been ramped up to an entirely new level to bring this brand-new line to life. Phantom X is the ultimate lineup for mallet players.”

Many players prefer mallet style heads and the new Phantom X has five new mallet head shapes with a variety of shaft bends to accommodate any preference. Each has two stainless steel toe weights that may be changed out and a stepless steel shaft. Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum the Phantom X components have black anodized misted finish as do the 303 stainless head pieces.

The familiar Cameron three-dot identificaton can be seen in the back cavities of the Phantom X 5, 5.5, 6 and 6STR as unpainted circles formed by milling away the black anodization.

A critical question about the design of each in the line has to do with the one-piece construction for the putter faces. Cameron said, “For these shapes and for what we’re trying to accomplish—next level mallet design, alignment and performance—solid 6061 aircraft aluminum is the perfect option. First, the feel is pure. I’ve been using aluminum for faces since even before the days of the original Futura, and with Phantom X it really fit the design. Tour players like to know that they’re contacting a solid face. This gives solid feedback, while preserving the soft feel players prefer. Even with our success using multi-material heads in the past, I really wanted to design Phantom X with solid faces even though each putter is actually made up of multiple components.”

He continued, “Each Phantom X mallet is constructed with a standard-milled aluminum face anodized black that extends back and through the flange areas of each model. It’s very easy to mill to our tolerances and allows me to move weight around due to its lightness. And, by allowing me to increase the physical area of the mallet head, I can craft longer sight lines and visual cues that really capitalize on the overall design.”

Brand & Model:
Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters

Key Features:
Multiple alignment and shaft bend options
6061 aluminum face wrapping around the flange
Five head shapes

Price & Availability:
$430 in shops now

Need to Know:
Large wings increase resistance to twisting
Alignment lines neon yellow

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Ed Travis

Ed Travis is a national award winning golf journalist and has had a life long love affair with the game. He has competed in tournament golf both as an amateur and as a senior professional and though his competitive days are behind him he still plays regularly and carries a handicap of 2. He and his wife live in suburban Orlando.