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Some days a girl just needs a recreational break from her own head. Laughter is my greatest strength and the first one to go when I need it the most.  While walking a few days ago I passed this crooked old tree, walked up and gave her a hug.  Such beauty she radiates for those who slow down to breath and admire her resiliency.

And then an “Ah, ha” moment struck me while standing in her shade.

The next day, I drove out to the golf course and found places to practice “shots from the shade.” Getting off my pity pot was a demanding job that day. I only wanted to moan about how poorly I’d been playing, but laughter and curiosity saved me. Under the shade trees with a spot in mind to land on, I practiced various shots from 60 yards, 80 yards, 110 yards on back.

With my golf cart loaded with wet towels, two large glasses of water, a bottle of electrolytes, golf clubs, snacks, and my cell phone, I taxied around the course that day looking for empty golf holes and amazing locations from which to shoot.  My dad would scold me for even thinking about carrying such a distraction as a cell phone on  the golf course.

The dreaded “blind shot” is one of my favorites, perhaps because it is a creative challenge. Since I can’t see the flag, I have to imagine the shot and location.  These are the moments when I just love my brain, but alas my brains and butt are not perfect. So I blamed the poorly hit shots on my lazy butt and congratulated my brain when the execution created a round of applause from the TV crowd.

Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta laugh, and pretend to play like  Brooke Henderson, Canadian Open Champion .


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