Three courses to visit at the home of golf

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world today, with millions of players worldwide enjoying the game for relaxation, fitness and an excuse to meet up with friends. There’s not much better in life than playing a quick 18 holes with a friend under the glorious sunshine. When things are going your way, golf is a gift from the gods. Well, we all know how frustrating it can be when it’s not your day.

When played at a professional level, on the European or US Tours, this sport of ours pulls in audiences in the millions. Golf’s following is an international one with a strong fanbase in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Australia and further afield. It’s the international language of friendship and class. Whether you are watching the likes of Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods putting for the title or you’re following the best of the emerging talent from the amateur scene, it’s easy to see why this sport is so popular, either as a spectator or player out enjoying the greens.

The game visits every continent with huge prize pots paid to the winners of the best tournaments and Majors. How much do you love golf? Are you a player or a spectator? Perhaps you like to use your knowledge to target a profit by Golf Betting Online? Of course, if you have a true passion for golf, you must visit the game’s home, Scotland. That’s where you’ll find the history, some of the best courses and leading competitions.

If you haven’t yet visited Scotland on vacation and to play a round or two of golf, we’re going to help make your planning run as smoothly as possible. There’s plenty to do in this beautiful nation that shares a border with England and is a member of the United Kingdom; Below, you will find three courses that no trip to Scotland is complete without a visit to. Walk the course and watch the best players in action or get in a few miles yourself.

St Andrews

Whether you are lucky enough to play the challenging old course or you want a snoop around the more modern version, St Andrews should be at the top of your wish list. If you know golf, you know this course is credited as being the traditional home of golf, and we’ve watched all the greats play here over the years, doing so with a smile on their faces.

Speak to any professional player, past or present, and they’ll say the same thing. St Andrews is something quite special. You’ll find the course in Fife, and it has a history dating back to 1552. There you will find seven double greens, just two short holes and a couple of par-5s. Treat yourself with a visit and a round.


This course situated in East Lothian, near Edinburgh airport, may not be as famous as its neighbour mentioned above, but it’s worth a visit and rates as our second favourite course in Bonnie Scotland. It was opened in 1744 and re-designed back in 1922. Some memorable tournaments have been played here over the years, and all the professionals say the same thing after stepping off; it’s challenging.

The Open Championship Major has played here as many as 16 times. The show keeps returning as organisers know exactly how valuable this course is and how much the players love going around. If you prefer Links play, this is the course for you and we file it under the heading “perfect”.

Trump Turnberry

Former US president Donald Trump created this course as his own, but it’s open to the public and welcomes thousands of players and visitors each year. It has also staged some fantastic professional competitions in its career. Turnberry was founded in 1902 but was re-designed and modernised by its famous owner in 2016.

It costs around the same to play a round here as it does at St Andrew’s, and both are usually booked well in advance. This course has already provided a setting for four Open Championships, with the first in 1977 and the most recent being in 2009.

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