Tiger says he won’t have the body to climb Mt. Everest again

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from Golf Digest

The 30-minute interview for Golf Digest – the world’s No. 1 golf destination – saw the 15-time Major champion talk about hard-hitting topics including: A possible return to golf, his hospital stay and slow recovery after the crash and his son Charlie’s progress as a player.

Online LINK to Golf Digest interview.

Video highlights of Tiger’s potential return to golf:
“I don’t have to compete and play against the best players in the world to have a great life. After my back fusion, I had to climb Mount Everest one more time. I had to do it, and I did. This time around, I don’t think I’ll have the body to climb Mount Everest and that’s OK. I can still participate in the game of golf.”
His three-month recovery in a hospital bed:
“It’s been hard, there is no denying that. I spent three weeks in a hospital and after that I basically spent a total of three months in a hospital bed – I was in my house, but I was still in a hospital bed – and I didn’t do anything.”

Holding a club for the first time after leaving hospital:

“When I got back from the hospital, that is the first thing I did [hold a club]. I said: ‘you’ve got to hand me a club’. The next goal was to be able to walk. I went through the wheelchair phase, I went through the crutches phase and I just wanted to be able to walk on my own. I still struggle going up or down – I can walk on flat ground but the next progression is without a hitch, which is going to take time.”


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