What countries enjoy betting on golf the most?

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Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. Many might find that surprising, as the average person one might speak to will say that golf is “a boring game.” However, the truth is, that the sport has garnered over a million fans worldwide.

The primary reason for this is that golf is not a seasonal game, but rather takes place all year round. That means that, not only is there more golf to watch all year, but there is also a betting option open all year. With golf betting odds being more popular than ever, it is not surprising that the game is so big.

As online sportsbooks become more and more popular, the popularity of betting seems to grow. However, in this article, we are interested in going over where golf is most popular, not just to watch, but to bet on.


The Irish have a long and storied history of golf. Though the game may have originated in Scotland, it is in Ireland where it has found major popularity. And why not? The sprawling, grassy fields of the Emerald Isles are perfect for golf courses. Some of the world’s most popular and beloved courses are located in the Republic of Ireland.
Of course, their fandom does not just end at playing and watching the game. The Irish also have a long and storied history of betting. Considering golf is one of the most popular games in the country, betting on it is not out of the question. Irish bookies, as well as offshore websites available in the country, offer some spectacular golf wagering odds, and plenty of Irish bettors take advantage of it.


It has become cliché in US cinema and television to have business talk over a game of golf. But, the cliché exists for a reason. Namely, it reflects reality to a certain degree. Golf is a great game to play when having serious discussions, or when you are just looking to bond. Naturally, Americans love it. And, since Americans are deeply passionate about sports betting, they also love wagering on it.

The U.S. Open is one of Golf’s biggest tournaments, and it takes place in America. But, Americans’ passion for betting on sports does not end there. They also love wagering on the Masters, the PGA Championship, and most of the big-name tournaments in golf.


Finally, we need only to look at the US’ northern neighbors for this last entry. Canada, much like the USA, has a deep love for golf. Though rarely is the country associated with sprawling fields of greenery, Canada certainly has a few jaw-dropping golf course, that will leave most fans speechless.

Furthermore, Canadians also love watching golf. It is one of the most popular sports to watch in the country, behind ice hockey, basketball, and soccer. Seeing as how betting on sports is also big in Canada, it shouldn’t surprise many to learn that betting on golf is a big deal in the Great White North.


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